Easter in March

Easter 005About the Collection

From the title poem, which opens the collection and is set apart from the three subsequent movements, I have ‘set out my stall’. Lyric poems which seek to re-enchant the ordinariness of the world and to find new meanings in the old objects with which we surround ourselves. We must be careful what we throw away, especially our histories. Recharge and recycle, and come out dancing. I hope that readers of ‘Easter in March’ will find it an uplifting work.

There are three prose books driving this collection forward, ‘The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life’ Thomas Moore; ‘Ordinarily Sacred’ Lynda Sexon; and ‘Eternal Echoes’ John O’Donohue. I have cast my own life and those of others I have known against philosophies and ideas expounded in these books. My poetic influences are wide and include Denise Levertove, Fred Marchant, and Jane Kenyon.

Inspiration for individual poems is drawn from such diverse sources as children’s story books and games, Renaissance paintings, pop songs, the streets of Rome, the Dublin coastline, and landscapes of west Clare. Out of this kaleidoscope, the collection moves through circuits and undercurrents to the premise that not only will “Beauty save the World” (as Dostoyevsky said in ‘The Idiot’) but it has potential to change us through its gaze.