"Easing weight, the bridge
bears all its passengers with grace,
so walking over water equals flight."

- Soundings

Easter in March

Easter in March is Daragh Bradish’s first collection, published by Liberties Press. Find out more about the collection here.

About Daragh

Daragh Bradish was born and raised in Terenure, Dublin, spending formative years in Bray, Co. Wicklock…

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Tom Conaty – Daragh Bradish’s poems identify the kind of Ireland he lives. Bradish, a Dublin Poet, locates his poems in that city; on its canals, piers and beaches and in its dwellings. County Clare topography appears and Rome provides a backdrop to a sequence of poems in the final section. Read in full here

Interview: Poet Daragh Bradish by Shauna Gilligan

Shauna: I’m delighted to feature Dublin poet Daragh Bradish on my blog and chat about his poetry collection Easter in March, which was published by Liberties Press this March. Read in full here

writing.ie – Explain Yourself: Daragh Bradish

“Explain yourself”. How often did you hear that command from grown-ups when you were young, and hadn’t a hope of providing a coherent response? No doubt you struggled with words, as we all do when our emotions are running high, and when we would like to say a great deal more in our defence than we are permitted. Helpless by being little and in someone else’s power, we remain silent. Read in full here

Two Poems

De Profundis……. vocem meam (Published in The French Literary Review # 24) Trespassers
From ‘Easter In March’ Liberties Press 2016 Read both poems here


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